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Mix Pack - Cat Teaser Replacements

Mix Pack - Cat Teaser Replacements

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Introducing the Ultimate Mix Pack - Cat Teaser Replacements: Unleash Your Cat's Wild Side with Four Irresistible Accessories!


  • Endless Entertainment: This teaser pack comes complete with four captivating accessories, ensuring your feline friend never runs out of ways to have a blast.
The Mole: This cleverly designed teaser features a playful nylon tail and soft, inviting polyester fur that'll keep your cat endlessly intrigued.
The Silver Threads: Crafted from shimmering new PET materials, this accessory rustles subtly with every move, creating an irresistibly tantalizing experience for your curious kitty.
The Feather: Embrace classic charm with natural goose feathers, untouched by any chemical dyes, providing your cat with a truly authentic hunting experience.
The Rope: This elastic wonder can hold up to 4kg and stretches between 40-70cm, offering endless possibilities for play. Plus, it's perfect for attaching any of our other accessories, ensuring hours of fun.


  • Tap into Natural Instincts: Our toys are thoughtfully designed to mimic the thrill of the hunt, captivating your cat's natural curiosity and primal instincts.


  • Effortless Attachment: Easily attach these toys to your cat's existing teaser or wands for a seamless playtime experience that'll keep your cat engaged and active.


Please Note: These products are designed to be consumable, as it's perfectly normal for your cat to exhibit their natural instincts by playfully breaking, tearing, or biting these toys. It's all part of the fun!


Upgrade your cat's playtime with the Mix Pack - Cat Teaser Replacements, and watch as they embark on thrilling hunting adventures right in the safety of your home. Give your feline companion the gift of endless entertainment today! 

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