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Cat Little Monsters

Cat Little Monsters

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Introduce a Dash of Whimsy and Fun to Your Cat's World with These Adorable Cat Little Monsters!


  • Four Whimsical Designs, One Irresistible Toy: These playful little monsters are the perfect companions for your feline friend. Each one features a charming design that's sure to capture your cat's curiosity. Plus, with catnip built right into their bodies, the fun is endless!


  • Meet the Little Monsters:
Fluffy - Pink Monster: Despite a severe fear of dirt, Fluffy happens to resemble a cute mop. This introverted little monster has a heart as soft as its body.
Eggssi - Yellow Monster: Hatched from the egg of an unknown creature, Eggssi is a unique blend of angelic and mischievous qualities, making it a delightful companion.
Nerrdy - Light Green Monster: Despite having only a single eye, Nerrdy is a colossal helper and a source of endless entertainment for your cat.
Yoyo - Navy Monster: Yoyo's habit of oversleeping led to him being late for the swimming exam and has to practice with a swimming ring every day since. Watch your cat enjoy this quirky character's company!


  • Easy-Clean & Washable: Worried about keeping these charming monsters pristine? Don't be! They are easy to clean with a neutral detergent, preventing any color loss. Plus, rest assured, the toy won't mold, and the catnip inside remains unaffected. Simply dry them after washing and avoid direct sunlight.


  • Unmatched Softness: Crafted from soft polyester, these unique-looking little monsters offer your cat the sensation of playing with a fluffy cloud. It's a tactile treat they'll adore.


  • Durable materials: These little monsters are strong enough to withstand the tough love of your little monster. Even for the cats with the strongest bunny kicks!


  • Optimal Fun and Stress Relief: Playtime with these charming creatures 1-2 times a week can lead to reduced stress, increased happiness, heightened activity levels, and more excitement for your cat.


Please Note:

  • Each little monster is sold separately.
  • The catnip smell can be quite strong, so don't be surprised if it has a distinct aroma.


Add a touch of enchantment to your cat's playtime and give them the companionship of these whimsical little monsters. Treat your feline friend to endless joy and excitement – because they deserve nothing less!

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